ValcoBond® Capillary column - VB-Fluoro Fluorosilicone

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Modified Trifluoropropyl-methylpolysiloxane


VB-Fluoro capillary columns provide unique selectivity due to fluorine’s high affinity to analyte lone pair electrons. This is coupled with thermal stability similar to low-polarity phases such as VB-1 and VB-5 columns.
Low bleed characteristics make VB-Fluoro columns well suited for MS and ECD applications. High thermal stability means they can be used as a complementary column for most high-temperature applications, which commonly use low-polarity stationary phases. Similar Phases DB-210, DB-200, Rtx-200, AT-210 and G6

Primary Applications

Environmental Samples, Explosives, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Esters, Ketones, CFCs, PAHs, and Unsaturated Compounds Chromatograms [links to individual chromatogram pages]

  • Explosives
  • Acrylate impurities
  • Polynuclear aromatics
  • Test Mix 5

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