Introduction and Shared Characteristics

Chemical Resistance

Comprised of a chemically inert composition, fluoropolymer tubing is not affected by corrosive materials that react with metal tubing. This biodegradable polymer will not leach metal ions into the eluent in chromatographic applications nor extract metal-sensitive components from the sample delivered by the tubing.

Low Coefficient of Friction

One of the benefits of fluoropolymer tubing is the material’s extremely low coefficient of friction. This low coefficient of friction ensures less tube-induced drag and pressure loss of the liquid or gas. Particularly viscous or otherwise “sticky” samples flow smoothly through fluoropolymer tubing.


Most fluoropolymer tubing is very transparent, which allows the user to see the sample within the tubing easily. This characteristic makes fluoropolymer an excellent choice for colored samples or medical applications where the user needs to observe the transport of the fluid.

Convenient for All Labs – and Lab Techs

In addition to having low chemical reactivity, coefficient of friction, and transparency, fluoropolymer tubing is convenient to install, uninstall, cut, and reshape. Only a sharp blade (such as the VICI Tubing Cutter) are needed to achieve a clean-cut, whereas using high-cost, inconveniently heavy cutters on metallic tubing may damage the dimensional integrity of the metal tubing’s ID. While tight corners and cramped lab spaces make traditional metal tubing difficult to position (along with higher costs for custom-formed shapes and bends), the fluoropolymer is even more flexible than PEEK, easy to adjust, and far more lab tech-friendly.

VICI Metronics Customization

VICI Metronics fluoropolymer tubing is highly customizable, offering a wider range of IDs that can reach down to a mere 0.005” (0.127 mm) (far smaller than can be attained by stainless steel tubing). VICI Metronics can match both standard and customized dimensions with fittings and competitors’ tubing. This capability means lab techs, engineers, and scientists can rest assured that this precisely extruded fluoropolymer tubing will work with fittings for your specific application and need, without fear of leaks, flow obstacles, or pressure loss.

VICI Metronics offers both customizable IDs and ODs. We understand that your lab may not need thousands of feet of tubing, and allow smaller volumes of both standard and custom tubing – we can go as low as 100 feet in customized tubing length!

General Precautions

  • Fluoropolymer tubing is permeable and is generally recommended for liquid samples.
  • The mechanical, tensile strength and burst pressure limits for fluoropolymer tubing are lower than PEEK. These limits will be substantially reduced at elevated temperatures.
  • Do not hold the tubing in sharp bends or corners tighter than the acceptable bend radii. This tubing will "kink" or “seal off” if held in too sharp a bend over time.

When Should I Use Fluoropolymer?

While the most well-known applications for fluoropolymer tubing are for food-grade and medical applications, this tubing has a wide range of applications because of the material’s general chemical inertness, low coefficient of friction, transparency, and superior flexibility. VICI Metronics fluoropolymer tubing takes this convenience one step further by manufacturing precisely customizable sizes to match your current fittings and specifications.

Common Applications of VICI Metronics Fluoropolymer Tubing

Applications that our fluoropolymer tubing include:

  • Medical sample transport
  • Food-grade applications
  • Liquid transport

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Concerned about your application that is not listed above? Contact us today to determine if fluoropolymer tubing is right for you.

Fluoropolymer vs. PEEK Tubing – What’s the Difference?

Fluoropolymer and PEEK tubing have many similar characteristics; both are mostly chemically inert, temperature resistant, mechanically strong, and conveniently flexible.

PEEK tubing has approximately two to three times the burst pressure and tensile strength as its fluoropolymer tubing counterpart (compared at the same dimensions). PEEK tubing is also stiffer than fluoropolymer tubing. PEEK’s higher strength makes it a superior candidate for high pressure and stress applications.

Both tubing types are reactive with particular agents, but those agents differ. In situations where fluoropolymers are reactive with fluorine, molten sodium hydroxide, and molten alkali metals, PEEK can be reactive with methylene chloride, DMSO, THF, and high concentrations of sulfuric and nitric acid.

Another difference is that fluoropolymers have an extremely low coefficient of friction. This characteristic makes fluoropolymer a superior candidate in delivering sticky or viscous fluids.

Fluoropolymer tubing is also transparent, while PEEK is opaque. This transparency allows the user to see the sample in the tubing.

Unsure which polymer tubing is right for your application? VICI Metronics offers not only fluoropolymer tubing, but standard and customizable PEEK tubing as well. Contact us today to speak to our tubing experts to determine which polymer is right for your application.

Detailed Specifications

Below are listed the general technical specifications for our fluoropolymer tubing. Please refer to the specific fluoropolymer product (PFA, FEP, and ETFE) to find the specific technical specifications for each fluoropolymer product.

Maximum Operating Pressure

Maximum operating pressure  is directly correlated with the wall thickness (the delta between the OD and ID dimension) and operating temperature. As the temperature increases, the maximum allowable operating pressure will decrease. The table below lists the maximum operating pressures for each standard OD dimension.

Outer Diameter (OD)

[inch (mm)]

Max. Operating Pressure


0.03125 (0.79375)


0.0625 (1.5875)


0.125 (3.175)


Dimensional Integrity

  • Dimensional stability is assured with tight ID tolerances, as detailed below:
    • ID tolerance ± 0.001” (± 0.0254 mm) for IDs up to 0.040” (1.016 mm)
    • ID tolerance ± 0.003” (± 0.0762 mm) for IDs larger than 0.040” (1.016 mm)
  • Customizable IDs and ODs available to fit your fittings’ specifications
  • Manufacturable to standard Valco fittings and ferrules
  • With a 1/16” OD, tubing ID can range between 0.005” (0.127) and 0.040” (1.016 mm)
    • Please note: as the ID increases the tubing wall inherently thins. As such, there is a relative limit to what ID can be customized with a specific OD.
  • The standard product OD can reach up to 3/16”

Standard & Custom Sizing Low Volume Orders Accepted

  • Standardized fluoropolymer tubing is available in as low as the following lengths:
    • 5 feet, 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet
  • Customized fluoropolymer tubing is available in as low as 100 to 300 feet for custom orders