Benefits of VICI Metronics Striped Color-Coded PEEK Tubing

Striped color-coded PEEK tubing is an excellent alternative to solid color tubing, and contains none of the additives used for solid color PEEK tubing. The permanently ion-bonded stripe is only on the outer circumference of the tubing, ensuring that raw virgin PEEK is the only material your sample will encounter during transport. The stripe is useful for ID dimensional identification, especially in applications with several different tubing sizes.

Because this tubing is metal-free, it will not leach metal ions into the eluent or extract metal-sensitive components from the sample.

Recommended Applications for Striped Color-Coded PEEK Tubing

Some typical applications for VICI Metronics’ striped color-coded PEEK tubing include:

  • High Pressure or Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Solvent Transfer
  • Chemically Inert (High Purity) Gas Transfer

Looking for tubing that is easy to identify and has nothing but virgin PEEK in contact with the sample? Click here.

Recommended Products to Use in Conjunction with Striped Color-Coded PEEK Tubing

VICI Metronics striped color-coded PEEK tubing is compatible with all Valco fittings, high and low-pressure Valco fittings, and all tube compression fittings. The standard 1/16” tubing will be compatible with all 1/16” fittings, and as such, can often be used as an alternative to steel tubing where applicable.

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