Dynacalibrator Model 505


The innovative design of this calibrator features two separate permeation chambers and two mass flow-controlled (MFC) systems. With temperature control accuracy of ±0.01°C up to 110°C, this CE-certified system provides concentrations ranging from ppb to 50 ppm with dilution flows from 100 cc to 400 cc.

Two Permeation Chambers

The two permeation chambers have independent temperature control and can be used separately or together to combine concentrations of trace components. Separate solenoid valves allow the carrier flows to be switched from the dilution flow to a vent port. Model 500 is CE certified.

Two MFC Systems

The Model 505 contains both dilution and carrier MFC systems. The carrier system, employing one MFC per permeation chamber, typically comes from the factory with a fixed flow that passes through the chamber containing the permeation device.

Chamber temperature is adjusted from 30°C* to 110°C, regulated to ±0.01°C to provide accurate, precise results. The carrier stream mixes with the calibration gas in the chamber and is then fed forward to the mixing tee.

In standard models (below)[reference product image location] the dilution gas stream is controlled and measured by the diluent MFC and feeds forward to the other side of the mixing tee. The mixture of the carrier and diluents is then fed to the distribution tee, which allows the flow to move to the Span Out and the Overflow bulkhead connectors for distribution.

Diverter Valves

The Model 505 also includes one diverter valve per permeation chamber, which can be switched to provide Zero, Cham 1, Cham 2, or Cham 1 + Cham 2 stream selections. The dilution stream and selected carrier stream always pass through the mixing tee.

* Or 2°C above ambient, whichever is higher

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Purchase of a Dynacalibrator qualifies you for a discount on permeation devices

CE Compliance – To request a copy of the compliance certificate, contact support@vici.com.

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