Sulfur Trap

VICI MetronicsSKU: T400-1

Fitting Size: 1/8"
Length: 12"


It is critical to remove sulfur from gases for multiple applications:

  • To avoid equipment corrosion
  • To provide clean jet fuel
  • To ensure performance and catalyst lifetime of zero air instruments.
  • To eliminate all sulfur compounds in supply gas.

VICI Metronics in-line sulfur traps remove all sulfur-containing compounds from any non-reactive gas. They also remove halocarbons and most non-methane hydrocarbons. This unique trap technology was developed to support sulfur analyzers. For low-level detection, the removal of all sulfur compounds present in the supply gas is essential. Zero air instruments are prone to contamination from halocarbons and sulfur compounds; our sulfur traps will improve the performance and catalyst lifetime of these instruments.


  • Max inlet pressure: 1000 operating psi
  • Recommended flow: 500 mL/min

*** Also available in 22.5" by special order, Contact Us to order

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