FEP stands for fluorinated ethylene propylene and offers high chemical resistance. This fluoropolymer can be manufactured with very small IDs (inner diameters) - VICI Metronics can manufacture 1/16” OD (outer diameter) FEP fluoropolymer tubing with IDs as low as 0.005” (0.127 mm). In addition to 1/16” OD sizing, VICI Metronics also offers FEP fluoropolymer tubing in 1/8” and 3/16” ODs. FEP fluoropolymer tubing is most often used for liquid transfer, as its transparency allows for easy observation of the sample it transports.

Pros and Recommended Applications

Benefits of VICI Metronics FEP Tubing

FEP is inherently chemically resistant and can be manufactured with extremely small inner diameters. These attributes combined with FEP’s transparency and low coefficient of friction make this fluoropolymer tubing ideal for liquid transfer. This tubing has the highest demand for flanging, which is regularly done in-house at VICI Metronics.

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Recommended Applications for FEP Tubing

Applications that our fluoropolymer tubing include:

  • Medical sample transport
  • Food-grade applications
  • Liquid transport

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Recommended Products to Use in Conjunction with FEP Tubing

VICI Metronics FEP fluoropolymer tubing is compatible with all Valco fittings, high and low-pressure Valco fittings, and all tube compression fittings. The standard 1/16” tubing will be compatible with all 1/16” fittings, and as such, can often be used as an alternative to steel tubing where applicable.

VICI Metronics also offers flexible and custom flanging compatible with Valco flange fittings.

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Detailed Specifications

Tech Specs

Maximum Operating Temperature

Use FEP fluoropolymer tubing at continuous operating temperatures up to 200°C (392°F).

Maximum Operating Pressure by Tubing ID

Tubing ID

[inch (mm)]

Max. Operating Pressure

[psi (bar)]

Product Number

0.010 (0.254)

2,000 (138)


0.020 (0.508) 1,400 (96.5) MT-F-62020
0.030 (0.762) 1,100 (75.8) MT-F-62030
0.040 (1.016) 750 (51.7) MT-F-62040
0.060 (1.52) 1,180 (81.4) MT-F-12560
0.062 (1.59) 1,140 (78.6) MT-F-12562
0.079 (2.0) 750 (51.7) MT-F-118079
0.083 (2.1) 760 (52.4) MT-F-125083
0.125 (3.175) 750 (51.7) MT-F-187125

Order Specifications

The 1/16” OD FEP fluoropolymer tubing is available in standard sizes or OEM quantities with any ID specified from 0.002” (0.0508 mm) to 0.030” (0.75 mm).