Teflon AF Membranes and Laminations


With its versatility and high-performance characteristics, Teflon™ AF is an excellent choice for the membranes used in multiple scientific and industrial applications. VICI provides monolithic and composite membranes.


Teflon AF membranes can be laminated to screens and frits to add strength for higher-viscosity liquids while providing the desired permeability characteristics. VICI can fabricate membranes to the precise thickness for your application combining high strength and porosity.

Monolithic Membranes

Pure Teflon™ AF monolithic membranes can be used with both porous and non-porous substrates. They are ideal for:

  • Degassing
  • Oxygen sensors
  • 3D printing
  • Transformer oil analysis
  • Hydrogen sensors and CO2 sensors

Composite Membranes with Porous Substrates

These membranes are suited for applications such as degassing, transformer oil analysis, oceanographic CO2 sensors, and as a substrate for growing cells. VICI provides our Teflon™ AF membranes on a selection of porous substrates, including:

  • PVDF
  • PTFE
  • 316 Stainless-steel wire mesh, which is resistant to high-pressure and pressure fluctuations
  • 316 stainless-steel porous metal

Membranes can be fabricated on other substrate materials. Contact sales@vicimetronics.com to discuss your needs.

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