Teflon AF® Model 405 Degassers

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Style: Single Film
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Film degasser systems are an effective—and cost-effective—solution to the challenges of degassing HPLC solvents. In vacuum degassing, the liquid phase flows along a gas-permeable membrane. A vacuum chamber on the other side of the gas-permeable membrane causes gas in the solution to migrate across the membrane, where they are then swept away (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Schematic of a Single Film Planar Degasser

The double-sided planar degasser series uses the same principle but with a unique internal architecture. A central flow plate separates two parallel pathways, each with a Teflon™ AF membrane and vacuum chamber. The eluent flows down one face of the flow plate and back along the other face (see Figure 2). This provides a large interaction area resulting in highly effective de-bubbling and very efficient degassing.

Figure 2. Schematic of a Dual-Film Planar Degasser

Advantages of Film Degassers as Replacements

Film degassers are also a cost-effective replacement for degassers which use tubular Teflon™ AF 2400 membranes. Since pump cavitation becomes more serious at higher flow rates, it is advantageous that the degassing efficiency curves of the planar degassers are flatter than those of degassers based on a tubular degassing membrane. (See Figure 3)

Model 405 Degasser Series


Series 405 Degassing Chambers


72 mm x 40 mm x 11 mm

Liquid Connections

¼ -28 flat bottom ports

Vacuum Connections

Hose barb for 3 mm (1/8 inch) ID tube

Dead Volume

320 microliters

Wetted Materials

PEEK and Teflon™ AF

Vacuum Seal

Less than 34 mbar (3.3 kPa) leak in 10 minutes

Pressure Test

335 kPa internal pressure and 95 kpa of applied vacuum

Average Actual Pressure Drop at 1 ml/min water

Less than 3 mbar (274 Pa) (with vacuum applied)

Suitable replacement for VICI Metronics degasser models:








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