Teflon AF Windows and Films

VICI MetronicsSKU: AF-030-025-025

Thickness: 30µm
Thickness/Length: 25mm x 25mm
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VICI provides unique multi-layer films for specialty uses which can be incorporated into windows for 3D printing or fabricated in specialty shapes. Our two-layer film is patent-pending, and a provisional patent has been filed for our film with three or more layers. (Permeability is expressed here in Barrer units.)

Two-Layer Films

Our two-layer Teflon™ AF film products are composed of:

  • A first layer made from material with permeability of at least 100 Barrer, e.g., Teflon™ AF 2400. 
  • A second layer is made from material with O2 permeability of at least 10 Barrer, e.g., polymethyl pentene. 

Three-Layer Composite Film

Our three-layer film has a symmetrical structure that provides stable expansion properties that are beneficial for certain applications such as 3D printing. The composite film is composed of two outer layers of amorphous perfluoropolymer sandwiching a less permeable layer in between.


Additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) with the CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) process relies on photopolymerization. The process requires a window that is transparent to UV light and covered with an oxygen-permeable film. The optical clarity and gas permeability of films made with Teflon™ AF are preferred for this application. 

VICI Metronics offers two types of windows:

  • Monolithic Teflon™ AF Windows (films) –  50 µm to 250 µm thick, fast printing.
  • Composite Teflon™ AF Windows (films) – 75 µm and 150 µm thick, lower priced.

To make these products, VICI polishes Teflon™ AF disks to a 60/40 scratch-dig to ensure quality windows with a high degree of parallelism. 

Learn more about Teflon™ AF.

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