Teflon AF Windows / Films

VICI MetronicsSKU: AF-030-025-025

Thickness: 30µm
Width/Length: 25mm x 25mm


Additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) with the CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) process relies on photopolymerization. The process requires a window that is transparent to UV light and covered with an oxygen-permeable film. The optical clarity and gas permeability of films made with Teflon™ AF are preferred for this application.

VICI provides films for specialty uses which can be incorporated into windows for 3D printing or fabricated in specialty shapes  (circles etc). Please contact us for specialty shapes and sizes.

VICI Metronics offers two types of windows:

  • Monolithic Teflon™ AF Windows (films) – 30 µm to 150 µm thick, fast printing.
  • Composite Teflon™ AF Windows (films) – 75 µm and 150 µm thick, lower priced.

To make these products, VICI polishes Teflon™ AF disks to a 60/40 scratch-dig to ensure quality windows with a high degree of parallelism.

Learn more about Teflon™ AF.

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