Advantages of Permeation Tubes & Devices

Calibration devices from VICI Metronics offer multiple advantages over cylinder-supplied gas calibration standards:

Advantages of Permeation Devices Disadvantages of Bottled Standards
  • Use of a pure substance in an inert matrix
  • Precise concentrations of gases
  • Rapid availability and ease of handling
  • Multi-component gas mixtures are easily generated with NIST traceability using established EPA and ASTM protocols
  • Simple to remove and/or add a single component
  • Wide range of concentrations easily generated by varying the dilution flow rate and/or the setpoint temperature
  • Obtain difficult-to-source chemicals in desired quantities
  • No dangerous goods shipping or reporting required
  • No oven or Dynacalibrator® required
  • Minimal lab space required
  • Expensive due to rental fees and high disposal costs
  • Substances are balanced in another medium
  • Large number of gas cylinders needed for calibrations requiring multiple components over a wide range of concentrations
  • Cylinders and equipment consume valuable lab space
  • Possible degradation of standard within the cylinder:
    • Changes in concentration levels due to changes in cylinder pressure
    • Interaction of calibration components and surfaces
  • Mutually reactive chemicals cannot be used
  • Permitting may be required for some chemicals
  • Specialized dangerous goods handling procedures may be required