ValcoPLOT® Capillary Columns - VP-Alumina Columns

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Aluminum oxide

With ValcoPLOT Al2O3 PLOT columns, you don’t need cryogenic equipment to analyze C1 - C5 hydrocarbons. ValcoPLOT Al2O3 columns are deactivated with small salt crystals and stable to 200°C. KCl deactivation produces a relatively apolar column, while Na 2 SO 4 produces columns exhibiting increased retention of unsaturated hydrocarbons.

GS-Alumina, HP-PLOT Al203, Rt-Alumina-Bond, CP-Al203/KCl, CP-Al203/Na2SO4

C1-C5 hydrocarbons

Chromatograms [links to individual chromatogram pages]

  • C1-C5 hydrocarbons, KCl deactivation
  • C1-C5 hydrocarbons, Na2SO4 deactivation

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